Alpha GPC Benefits and Dosage Review

One of the crucial parts of the human body is the brain. The brain can be also called the central processing unit of the human body. If the human brain doesn’t function properly, then other bodily functions will also not perform the way they are supposed to. Improper functioning of the brain also causes several disorders such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

alpha gpc pillsMedical science has researched many substances that are essential for the healthy growth of the human brain. One such chemical substance is Alpha GPC. It is a chemical that is produced when fatty acids break down which are contained in soy and other plants. This chemical is primarily used as a medicine for various ailments.

Therefore, the benefits of using cdp choline vs Alpha GPC can be described as follows:

1. Mental diseases: In the case of patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, Alpha GPC helps in improving thinking capabilities. However, the medicine is supposed to be consumed for more than 3 months. Alpha GPC also improves mental health, mood and thinking capabilities of patients suffering from dementia. If a person who has suffered from a stroke takes Alpha GPC, then he will recover more rapidly.

2. Other benefits: Apart from curing mental disorders as stated above, Alpha GPC also helps in improving the memory of a person. Thinking capacity, learning speed and other mental conditions of a person can also be enhanced. Even mood and behavior of a person is positively influenced by using Alpha GPC.

brain pillsAs we have seen regarding the benefits of Alpha GPC, it does not mean that it should be consumed liberally. It must be remembered that it is a kind of medicine that is useful for the body. Like other medicines, it is also subject to certain side effects such as headaches, rashes and insomnia. Hence, the consumption of this medicine needs to be regulated by experts.

Dosage of Alpha GPC

The various factors of a patient such as age, condition and problems faced need to be evaluated to determine the dosage of Alpha GPC. The directions of the physician or the healthcare expert must be followed before consuming the supplement. So, self-monitored use of Alpha GPC is not advisable.

Why do people take it in the USA or UK? In the USA, Alpha GPC is found in food products for improving memory. It acts as a dietary supplement. On the other hand, in the UK, Alpha GPC is a prescribed medicine by experts for fighting Alzheimer’s disease.

Gynexol Cream Review

The very fact that Gynexol cream is selling like hot cakes is a testimonial to the fact that men do not like to have breasts. As per common belief, only women have breasts and men have just, plain and simple, chests. So, men who suffer from Gynecomastia or man boobs feel not only embarrassed but, dejected as well. These men have low self-esteem and fear of ridicule makes them introvert also. Gynexol body sculpting cream is in the market to help these men.



Gynecol is a hundred percent natural product. It is any day better than surgery as it does not require either huge financial investment or time. It is available easily, over the counter and is convenient to use. Lots of Gynexol users appreciate the fact that, if purchased from the official website then, it comes with a money back guarantee. Thereby, giving a surety that the product is authentic and not a scam.


On one, the user reviews were considerably varied, and that was, the time that Gynexol cream takes to show visible changes. Some users of the cream were able to see the changes second week onwards and some took as long as four weeks. There were a few cases where the people were waiting to see results even after five weeks, this lot of people was very frustrated and as such unhappy with the product claim.


More research on the timeline for results brought to notice two facts. Firstly, some people were applying the cream just once a day. For maximum benefit, it needs to be applied twice daily. Secondly, the skin type varies person to person. As such the cream absorption power of the skin also differs. So the same amount of cream is not absorbed by each person’s skin. When making use of any cream based product, these two aspects are critical.


The other thing that Gynexol cream users loved about it was that it does not interfere with persons everyday routine. They can still go about doing whatever they were without any interruptions. Also, the application of cream did not demand any lifestyle changes. It is a product that works all on its own. You need not add anything to your routine especially for it.


Most important were the reviews regarding any side effects. Hundred percent of the users agreed that Gynexol cream has no side effects, whatsoever. It can be used without any regrets, quite safely. They were happy to know that a natural cream can work wonders and rid them of their man boobs. Seldom does a natural product comes that is effective in what it claims, Gynexol cream does that and much more. It reduces the man boobs but, that is not all. It also helps tighten the chest muscles and hence, gives a more sculpted appearance to a man’s upper torso.



Based on what the users had to say, we can conclude that Gynexol is an excellent cream that can help men in reducing the signs of Gynecomastia. It is completely natural, easy to apply and most effective.

3 Ways to Invigorate Tired Muscles

3 Ways to Invigorate Tired Muscles

In each and every physical activity that you do, it always come with the risk of overexerting yourself resulting to straining your muscles. Wearing inappropriate shoes, walking on pavements or inclined surfaces, too much physical or mental stress, can usually wear your muscles out. The combination of dehydration and overused muscles ends up in feeling discomfort and exhausted. I summed up 3 effective ways to rejuvenate tired muscles fast.


Rest & Stretch

The easiest and simplest way to revitalize your tired muscles is to take some time to rest and stretch. After the muscles has been strained, let it rest for about 24 hours or refrain from doing any strenuous activity. Because our body needs to recover from the activities that resulted in muscle fatigue and sometimes even causing pain. For further relaxation, you can apply heat to the affected area. As heat can soften the tightness and soothe the discomfort in the tissues.

Stretching is an essential part of any physical activity, this will prevent you from having cramps and will speed up your recovery. When done in a right manner, stretching will greatly benefit a person. As it reduces the tension and soreness of the muscles, it also reduces the risk of injuries to your muscles, joints and tendons. It also stimulates the chemical production that lubricates the connective tissues in your body.

Hand Held Massager

Having your own hand held massager at home is an easy way to heal strained muscles easily. The Hitachi Magic Wand is the leading hand held body massage since the 1970s. The wand is made from a great quality of plastic and can be used by connecting the 6 foot cord to an outlet. It offers 2 speed options and has a ball shaped head, producing great power than any other battery operated hand held massager.

The device can easily reach the places like your lower or mid back. It helps in relieving the tension or pain in your muscles. This wand produced by Hitachi is an effective massager working wonders for your aching joints and back pains. Through this magic wand, you are in control from setting the power of vibration to focusing effectively on the affected body parts.

Visit the Spa

If you have time for relaxation, a spa is the place to relieve your sore muscles. A spa can offer different type of massages which can target the area where you feel the discomfort or pain. Deep tissue massages can ease muscle cramps and tensions which relaxes the whole body. Soaking in a hot tub for a few minutes will make your body absorb the heat which increases the blood flow and dilating blood vessels, which will improve the circulation of nutrients and oxygen to your cells. The therapeutic massage and heat will cause your muscle to relax and bring temporary relief.

So whether you get sore and tired muscles from exercise or work, practice these tips to invigorate your hard working muscles and to get your feet going.