3 Ways to Invigorate Tired Muscles

3 Ways to Invigorate Tired Muscles

In each and every physical activity that you do, it always come with the risk of overexerting yourself resulting to straining your muscles. Wearing inappropriate shoes, walking on pavements or inclined surfaces, too much physical or mental stress, can usually wear your muscles out. The combination of dehydration and overused muscles ends up in feeling discomfort and exhausted. I summed up 3 effective ways to rejuvenate tired muscles fast.


Rest & Stretch

The easiest and simplest way to revitalize your tired muscles is to take some time to rest and stretch. After the muscles has been strained, let it rest for about 24 hours or refrain from doing any strenuous activity. Because our body needs to recover from the activities that resulted in muscle fatigue and sometimes even causing pain. For further relaxation, you can apply heat to the affected area. As heat can soften the tightness and soothe the discomfort in the tissues.

Stretching is an essential part of any physical activity, this will prevent you from having cramps and will speed up your recovery. When done in a right manner, stretching will greatly benefit a person. As it reduces the tension and soreness of the muscles, it also reduces the risk of injuries to your muscles, joints and tendons. It also stimulates the chemical production that lubricates the connective tissues in your body.

Hand Held Massager

Having your own hand held massager at home is an easy way to heal strained muscles easily. The Hitachi Magic Wand is the leading hand held body massage since the 1970s. The wand is made from a great quality of plastic and can be used by connecting the 6 foot cord to an outlet. It offers 2 speed options and has a ball shaped head, producing great power than any other battery operated hand held massager.

The device can easily reach the places like your lower or mid back. It helps in relieving the tension or pain in your muscles. This wand produced by Hitachi is an effective massager working wonders for your aching joints and back pains. Through this magic wand, you are in control from setting the power of vibration to focusing effectively on the affected body parts.

Visit the Spa

If you have time for relaxation, a spa is the place to relieve your sore muscles. A spa can offer different type of massages which can target the area where you feel the discomfort or pain. Deep tissue massages can ease muscle cramps and tensions which relaxes the whole body. Soaking in a hot tub for a few minutes will make your body absorb the heat which increases the blood flow and dilating blood vessels, which will improve the circulation of nutrients and oxygen to your cells. The therapeutic massage and heat will cause your muscle to relax and bring temporary relief.

So whether you get sore and tired muscles from exercise or work, practice these tips to invigorate your hard working muscles and to get your feet going.